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Organising your company’s payroll is a time-consuming process and we’re sure you could use that time for other things.

Let NP&US Handle It

Let NPUS Accountants in New Barnet process your payroll through a secure and robust computerised system that you and your employees can rely on for stability and confidentiality.

The payroll databases we use are protected by anti-virus software and firewalls, encrypted and fully backed up – giving you peace of mind and allowing your business to run smoothly.

Our dedicated payroll team will deal directly with the Inland Revenue on all PAYE-related issues. We’ll also produce payslips and mail them directly to your employees and keep details of net salary, sick pay or any other arrangements you have for your staff.

Our payroll services include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll involves the process of calculating and distributing employee salaries, wages, and tax withholdings.

Employers in the UK, regardless of the size of their workforce, must manage payroll to ensure accurate and timely payment to employees.

Payroll is vital for maintaining employee satisfaction, complying with tax regulations, and ensuring accurate financial records.

Statutory deductions in the UK may include income tax, National Insurance contributions, and pension contributions.

Yes, we help businesses seamlessly onboard new employees into the payroll system, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

We have flexible payroll systems to accommodate businesses with variable income or hourly employees, ensuring accurate and fair compensation.

We handle payroll compliance, including tax calculations, ensuring your business meets HMRC requirements and avoids penalties. Additionally, our payroll services include managing pension contributions and ensuring compliance with auto-enrolment requirements.

We stay informed about changes in tax rates and regulations, updating your payroll system to reflect the latest requirements and ensuring compliance.

Yes, we manage year-end payroll tasks, including the issuance of P60s and submission of required reports to HMRC.

Payroll errors can result in financial penalties and employee dissatisfaction. Our services include rigorous error checks to prevent such issues.

Yes, we offer support with payroll-related queries and inquiries from tax authorities. Our services include handling communication with tax authorities, addressing inquiries, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. We work to provide comprehensive assistance tailored to your specific payroll needs.

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