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NPUS Accountants is a regular firm of accountants who also specialises as Auditing Accountants.

Statutory & Specialist Audits

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Frequently Asked Questions

An audit is a systematic examination of a company's financial statements, records, and operations to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards

Companies meeting specific size criteria, public companies, or those in regulated industries may require audits.

An audit provides assurance to stakeholders, verifies financial accuracy, and enhances credibility. It can also uncover areas for improvement.

Small businesses may be exempt, but an audit can still provide valuable insights. We tailor our services to meet the needs and regulatory requirements of small businesses.

Businesses should organize financial records, ensure documentation accuracy, and be prepared to provide necessary information during the audit.

We conduct various audits, including financial audits, internal audits, and compliance audits, tailored to the client's requirements.

We conduct thorough audits, ensuring compliance, identifying areas for improvement, and providing valuable insights to enhance financial processes.

We stay abreast of accounting standards changes, ensuring our audit services align with the latest regulatory requirements.

If issues are identified, we work collaboratively with the client to develop corrective action plans and address any concerns.

Yes, we provide support in handling audit inquiries from regulatory authorities, ensuring effective communication and resolution.

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